Samsung Galaxy Note II Officially Launches in Canada

Samsung has officially released the Galaxy Note II in Canada.

The giant smartphone, often referred to as a “phablet”—a hybrid between a phone and a tablet—will be immediately available through all major carriers and retailers in white or grey.

The Note II features a 5.5-inch screen, which is even larger than its predecessor, and just 1.5 inches shy of many tablet screen sizes. But while early reviews of the original device were highly critical of the Note’s seemingly impractical size, the device has become remarkably popular, trailing only the flagship Galaxy S series in sales among Samsung’s smartphone product portfolio.

The device will cost you about $200 on a three-year contract, such as with Bell or Telus, while buying it outright will cost you $650 and up. However, supply is limited on opening day, particularly in-stores—so if you simply have to have one right now, we suggest ordering one online.