Samsung Galaxy S III Explodes Unexpectedly

Samsung’s new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has been getting rave reviews. The device generated an impressive nine million preorders worldwide, suggesting it could be the iPhone’s toughest competition yet.

However, yesterday evening bad news spread like wildfire: a Galaxy S III in Ireland exploded for no apparent reason in an owner’s car, razing reception, melting the device’s casing, and littering the user’s car with smouldering plastic debris. According to reports, the owner was unharmed, but the device was rendered useless.

“Samsung is aware of this issue and will begin investigating as soon as we receive the specific product in question,” the company wrote on its blog. “Once the investigation is complete, we will be able to provide further details on the situation. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest products possible and are looking at this seriously.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III launches in Canada next week.