Biggest Fans of Samsung’s New Galaxy S5? Apple iPhone Users, it Seems

Have you bought the new Galaxy S5 from Samsung yet? The S5, released worldwide on April 12 from South Korean manufacturer Samsung, has been on the receiving end of some fantastic reviews online. From all accounts, it appears that the most popular line of phones in the Android world is well on its way to becoming another hit in the sales department.

Smartphone owners always love a shiny new device, and with the cellular carriers making it even easier to upgrade and trade in your old hardware many consumers are taking advantage of these new initiatives. According to one Rogers wireless store manager, “People will buy a new smartphone before they pay their heating bill. The lure of a brand new tech toy is often too much to pass up.”

It seems our love and devotion to our smartphones mimics the dating strategy utilized by George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio: once a newer, prettier model comes along it’s time to move on.

As sales figures start coming in about the sales of the Galaxy S5, there’s one statistic that may come as a shock to anyone following the world of tech: the most traded-in device is the iPhone. A report from the UK’s Telegraph cites figures from trade-in site, which saw a 210% increase in customers trading in their iPhone 4Ss in exchange for the shiny new flagship device from Samsung. Strangely, more than 33% of individuals moving on up to the Galaxy S5 were iPhone owners. Rounding out the top 3 was the Galaxy S3, the second most popular ditched device with a 196% rise in trade-ins, followed by the iPhone5S with a 184% rise in trade-ins.

Here in Canada, trade-ins for the S5 are also very popular. Elliott Chun, communications manager for Future Shop, tells Techvibes that their Flip Your Tech program has been very busy this past week but they aren’t able to break down the numbers. “Part of the reason why it’s tough to gauge what customers purchase is they receive a gift card to use towards anything we sell online or in-store in exchange for their device. Devices by both Samsung and Apple are popular trade-in devices especially around new phone releases—we often see a spike,” Chun says.

The Galaxy S5’s main selling features are a 16MP camera, a heart rate monitor, the ability to combine 4G with WiFi for ultrafast downloads, and a fingerprint scanner which acts as identity verification for online shopping payments. Plus, like its predecessor, it boasts a screen much larger than Apple’s current iPhone 5S (5.1 inches vs. 4 inches).

So why are iPhone users willing to abandon iOS7 for Android? I think there are several reasons for this, the biggest of which is the fact that Apple hasn’t released a brand new iPhone (the 5S was more of a minor update) since September of 2012 and likely won’t unveil the iPhone 6 until fall. Two years is almost an eternity in the gadget world. Additionally, the Galaxy S5’s 5.1 inch display makes the iPhone’s 4 inch offering seem tiny in comparison; there are a lot of iPhone owners suffering from screensize envy and are growing impatient waiting for Apple to rock their phones with bigger displays.

Plus, as gadget lovers, we can be obsessive about reading what’s new and exciting in the tech world. Anyone keeping up to date with what’s available out there is sure to be bombarded with how awesome the S5 is supposed to be. Even the most ardent Apple fanboys can’t be 100% immune to wondering what it might be like to take a walk on the Android side. I should know; I’ve switched to Android and back to Apple twice.

Sidebar: It should be noted that the fingerprint scanner on the S5 has been compromised, and it would be advisable for those who purchased the phone to watch this video about the hack. Fingerprint technology hasn’t evolved enough to be hack-proof for the consumer market, and anyone using it, regardless of device (the iPhone 5S has it too), should do so with caution.



If you’re considering trading up to the S5 (or any other phone), you can calculate how much your phone is worth with Future Shop’s Trade In Estimator.