Samsung Launches Anti-Apple Ad. Here’s 6 Ways That It Fails Miserably [VIDEO]

Oh, Samsung. Why did you try and go there?

A 60-second Samsung smartphone ad has popped up on YouTube. In the ad, Samsung directly targets Apple’s iPhones, attempting to pick at its weaknesses while puffing up the Galaxy S II. Unfortunately, the whole thing is riddled with faults.

1. Let’s start with the beginning. It opens by mocking iPhone customer lineups, poking fun at people waiting hours and days in line to snag the latest Apple smartphone. Really, Samsung? This is supposed to be a bad thing? Something tells me you would do anything to have consumers line up days ahead of a Galaxy product launch. Too bad they never will. All this portion of the commercial does is point out how no one would be willing to wait in line for a Samsung phone, but they will for an Apple phone. Oops. Strike one.

2. One guy then says, “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” Aside from this being a simply stupid non-point not worth dissecting, it should probably be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S II looks the same as the iPhone, among other striking similarities—hence why the company has been succesfuly sued and had its products banned throughout Europe and Australia. Advice to copycats: don’t talk smack about originality. Strike two.

3. Next, someone sees a chick on a bench with a Galaxy smartphone and says, “whoa. What’s she got there?” to which his friend replies, “Not sure.” Self-zing? Samsung is basically saying that even in a group of young people, no one can recognize a Galaxy S II. Which is true, of course—after all, there are dozens of extremely similar Android devices, none of which stand out—but it’s not something Samsung should highlight in its own ad. Strike three, you’re out. Yet you keep coming…

4. A man closer to the lineup, who also has a Galaxy S II, is lured over by a couple of dudes interested in the device. They inspect it, and dig the larger screen. Only problem is, even with the screen bigger—making the phone unpractically large, by the way—the resolution is actually inferior to the iPhone. Anyone who watches videos and browses the web knows that resolution is the true key and nothing is small about a 3.5-inch smartphone screen. You want bigger? Okay, sure… let me recommend an iPad for that. Besides, maintaining a specific screen resolution helps mobile developers; it’s no coincidence Apple dominates this key element with over 500,000 smartphone apps available, not that iOS developers make 14 times more than their Android counterparts.

5. “And it’s got 4G speeds!” the S II owner touts. Cool—didn’t anyone tell you this whole “4G” thing is just a marketing ploy? In reality, no existing network meets the technical standards for a true 4G wireless network. Not only that, the iPhone 4S is capable of the same maximum internet speeds as the Galaxy. Hey, where did your argument just disappear to, Samsung? I can’t find it anywhere.

6. “I could never get a Samsung,” a long-haired man says defiantly. “I’m creative.” His friend turns to him and says, “Dude, you’re a barista.” No doubt a jab at the marriage between Macbooks and Starbucks—but one has to think Apple users are in fact the ones buying the drinks, while Androids are the ones making them. After all, numerous studies have revealed that iPhone users have on average much higher incomes than Android users. (Not to mention higher educations, but I digress.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get in line for the iPhone 5. Only 10 more months and the doors will open!