Samsung takes another hit for copying Apple as Netherlands bans Galaxy smartphones

Apple has been one of the most aggressive patent strikers in the tech space during this past year of bloodshed, and it’s not without its victories. Europe briefly banned Samsung’s Galaxy Tab on the grounds that it was a carbon copy of Apple’s iPad, and now the Netherlands intends to impose a ban on Galaxy smartphones for stealing too many ideas from the iPhone.

Of course, none of this has affected Canada, and it may never. Still, the fact that some courts are agreeing that Samsung has copied Apple close enough to impose bans on the sales of its device… that’s serious. Then again, looking at the phones, Samsung did an incredibly poor job of differentiating its device. Haven’t competitors learned that carbon copying Apple never works?

RIM had it right with the Bold 9900, taking a cue from the iPhone 4 to produce a sleek aluminum band around the device. It’s still a Bold in every manner but its design has been improved by executing on inspiration from a very well-made and well-percieved device. But if all one can do is merely copy, one is doomed is fail.