SAP Pilots Electric Car Application in Canada

SAP says it is it is continuing to co-innovate with customers and partners to expand its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things, offering a solution to gather data on electrical vehicle charging patterns and transformer performance.

The electric car app, built on HANA, monitors charging stations, electric car usage, driving patterns, and transformers on overall grid performance. It is being piloted in Ontario, which in January will become Canada’s first province to allow self-driving cars on the road.

Using SAP HANA, the intelligent electric vehicle charging system application can monitor and analyze the electric load put on the distributed transformers in real time, schedule charging according to usage patterns to avoid bottlenecks, and proactively monitor the grid for reliability, according to the company.

“Clean tech is maturing and adopting proven management practices, and we have been a strong advocate of the same, focusing our efforts toward delivering a positive and actionable project that will help our customers adapt to digital technologies effectively,” said Prateek Saxena, who is closely involved in the project.

“SAP is in a unique position to succeed as an IoT market and thought leader, and spearhead innovation in this area,” said Tanja Rueckert, EVP Internet of Things & Customer Innovation, SAP.

SAP says it is enabling its ecosystem of partners to build new applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT to help customers to connect devices, machine and vehicle sensors, using application services to create a foundation to help ensure maximum development efficiency.