Sarah Blue – Your new Community Manager in #yyc

Today is a sad day fellow Techvibers. Effective today I must vacate my position as Calgary Community Manager. It’s an amicable split, I am taking on a new job as the web editor at Venture Publishing. There you’ll find me flogging such fine publications as Alberta Venture and Unlimited

It’s not all bad news however, you are getting an excellent new community manager in Sarah Blue. She’s juiced into the local tech scene, is an excellent writer and she’s way better at Twitter than I am (find her on Twitter here). 

Her credentials are far more impressive than mine. She’s added the community manager job to her all ready busy calendar. Co-chair of artsScene Calgary, founder of The Boys Club, Demo Camp organizer and she is also in charge of market and community outreach at Cambrian House.

I welcome Sarah to the post and wish her all the best.