Satire stabs: multiple iPad 2 video spoofs go live, Conan classic among them

In Apple’s latest media event, Steve Jobs unveiled a video that made the iPad look like a heavensent saviour of all the world’s problems. Following up on this hyperbole – not particularly out of place for Apple’s marketing style – are multiple iPad 2 spoof videos. Most notably is Conan O’Brien’s, which hits the nail on the head:

“The iPad 2 is the culmination of literally two to three meetings. It’s truly incredible how little we did. We knew that if we changed the colour, if we put pictures of water droplets on the desktop, made it a little faster, added two holes with cheap cameras in them, then just kinda flattened it a bit… people would just go nuts.”

Watch Conan’s spoof below, and another good spoof here.