Saturday Shopping: Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns You May Want to Fund This Week

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

Variable Fashion

Designs from this clothing company are inspired by science and technology to create “geek-chic”, a style suited to business environments. The Montreal-based company features prints with calculus formulas, planets, HTML code, and circuit board patterns. Contributors of $98 or more will receive a calculus shirt by December. Merry Christmas!

Useless Can

Martin Bourdages and his educational robot company InnoTechnix have launched a DIY kit to get people of all ages interested in robotics. The actual functions of the Useless Can remain mysterious, but the goal is clear: have people put together the easy-to-assemble inner-workings of the device. There are 45 pieces that make up the guts of the “most useless machine in the world”, and none of them require soldering to get everything in place.

Core Wireless Speaker System

Out of Toronto and in partnership with Max Borges Agency, the Core team Ben, Neil and Frederique have pooled their talents and ideas to deliver a wireless speaker that boasts a sound unlike no other. The device takes audio quality similar to a pair of separated full-size speakers, and packs it into a portable bluetooth gadget with 12 hours of battery life. It is home-automation compatible and possesses gesture-controlled track advancing.


Two co-founders from the University of Toronto have partnered with UofT Hatchery to create the Flame Base Layer, a responsive clothing layer that is designed to change temperature based on your body’s signals. The intelligent shirt heats up when the body is cold and turns off when it perceives you are warm enough. Made of comfortable bamboo fabric, the top is also fully machine-washable and is complete with a battery level indicator on the separate battery pack.