Save Time and Money Looking for a Lawyer with Toronto’s MyLawBid

Finding the right lawyer at a reasonable cost is seldom easy. Toronto-based web startup MyLawBid hopes to change this for Canadians.

MyLawBid is a free online platform designed to simplify your search for a lawyer in three simple steps: first, a user completes an online form that describes his or her legal issue. That form is then sent to relevant lawyers, who in return respond to the inquiry stating their experience and an estimated cost for their work. Finally, the user—an individual or business—selects the lawyer of their choice.

“Finding a lawyer can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Many people don’t know where to start their search and, once they begin, discover that the phone calls, meetings and information gathering can take a significant amount of time,” explains Jeff Fung, CEO of MyLawBid. “MyLawBid saves individuals and businesses time, stress and money by giving them the ability to have lawyers compete for their legal work.”

MyLawBid has over 200 lawyers registered in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.