Scan your TV with Mobio to win a 50 inch TV and more

Did anyone ever see that movie, Starship Troopers?

No? Really?

Well, it tells the tale of a fascist, militaristic future where only soldiers get to vote, space bugs are out to kill us and Neil Patrick Harris is a Gestapo-esque intelligence officer for the military. Scray, I know. Anyways, in the future, television news is even more fast-paced and twitchy than before. Stories come rapid fire, but at the end of each segment, the newscaster asks, “Would you like to know more?” and viewers choose which news stories they want to hear about.

Well, life is imitating art these days, because Global TV has launched a contest with Mobio, the app that scans QR barcodes. At the end of every Newshour Final on Global BC, a barcode appears on the screen, and scanning it with Mobio enters viewers into a contest for a 50” TV, Home Theatre System from Future Shop and Shaw HD Package. The contest began on December 6th, and lasts until the 18th.

The possibilities for this sort of technology are big. Interested in voting on a reality show? Just scan the barcode at the end of American Idol for the contestant you want. Want to participate in a poll on a news show? Just scan which position you support. And imagine seeing a pizza commercial on TV and having delivery just a scan away… actually, that could have some bad ramifications for our nation’s waistlines.

For more info on Mobio, click here.