Scenecaster monetizes open 3D space for the web

3D has had a rough road on the web, with early experiments such as VRML existing more as curiosities than as functioning features on a web page. But the 3D world has made much progress over the last decade, and Ontario-based Scenecaster has been leading the charge to bring 3D content into the web space and beyond.

The company introduced a Facebook application last fall that allows users to create 3D rooms on their profile page, and they’ve also partnered with eBay, Amazon, iStockphoto and other sites to further extend their reach on the web. Scenecaster has taken thier commitment to extensibility a step further with the introduction of Sceneweaver technology at the DEMO 08 conference. Sceneweaver makes Scenecaster content available across any communications device and any computer platform. It remains to be seen if Scenecaster and other 3D web applications ever become more than a curiosity piece, but creative partnerships and cross-platfrom compatibility is a good start.

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