Scooped: Vancouver’s Kutano Makes First Sidewiki Client

My friend and fellow technology blogger Raul told you about Vancouver’s Kutano recently. Their browser add-on has a cool Twitter integration feature and allows for web page specific browsing.

While that is cool, Kutano has a big release today (official tomorrow).  They are expecting to release what they say is the very first Sidewiki client ever!  You see their downloadable add-on in not only a Twitter client but also a Sidewiki.  Their tool Kutano, already works as something of a “SideTwitter”, showing tweets about each web page and website directly beside the page and allowing for conversations and comments on the page as well.  However, as of early tomorrow morning, Kutano will also be pulling in comments that are made in Google’s Sidewiki.

According to Kevin Ishiguro,

The advantage of this, aside from being able to collectively view web page related tweets, Sidewiki and Kutano comments in one place, is that Kutano will also allow users to respond to and start interactive discussions around comments made in Sidewiki.  Currently, Sidewiki comments are not threaded and there is no way to respond and engage another person that commented on the web page.  Additionally, there is not yet a way to have multiple discussion topics on one page.  But using Kutano, people will be able to engage in more interactive and topic-varied discussions about each web page using Sidewiki comments as well as existing web page related tweets and Kutano comments.  As can already be done with existing Kutano discussions, users will also be able to tweet out entire discussions as well.

The new release is expected to be up, running and free for download on our website tomorrow morning: