Scraps from the Creative Director’s Recycling Box

Dre Labre is the Creative Director at Tribal DDB Canada.  On February 4th 2010, Dre participated in yet another successful Ad LoungeConversuasion” session as part of Toronto’s Social Media Week festivities. 

Dre began his career at agencies such as MacLaren McCann and Blast Radius.  It was there that he built his reputation for being able to show clients how the web could captivate and inspire.  Now, Dre illustrates  to his clients that it is ideas that must lead the technology.

Dre humorously entitled his talk, “Scraps from the Creative Director’s Recycling Box.”

It all started when I was 12 years old and I hacked into Bell with a Commodore 64!

For Dre, the phenomenon that is social media is not new.  “We were all participating in newsgroups.  It’s just now with social media that we call it community involvement.”  Dre argued that social media has become popular because more tools being available has meant more people using them.

Agencies, Dre said, must use social media to ensure that their potential clients actually like the products and services that are being made andoffered to them.  “Prior to this (social media) it was easier to say that we make good shit than actually making good shit.”  Now companies need to make good stuff, tell people its good, share the story about how good the product is and converse with their customers on how theyactually feel about it.

Dre ended his talk by issuing a challenge to larger, more resourceful companies.  He stated that many of today’s research and development into new products is being done by part-time basement dwellers.  Dre concluded that companies must “harness the expertise and resources to make and develop new technologies.”