Scratchpad Lets Non-Designers Mockup Their Own Web Designs

Manpacks co-founder Andrew Draper is at it again with Scratchpad.

Draper left the “Netflix for Underwear” earlier this year and today revealed the new project he is working on with Victoria’s Tom Williams. That project, Scratchpad, lets you clip and collect your favorite UI elements from around the web for use while mocking up your ideas.

Scratchpad solves a very real problem for folks that think they can design new web products but have no idea how to code. Williams explains it best: “I know exactly what something looks like that I want built, but my doodles and line drawings never visually articulate my vision.  I needed a simple, non technical way to be collect UI elements from other websites, and then arrange them together to make a quick visual mockup that I could show to a designer and say build me something that looks like this.”

Williams met Draper in San Francisco at a dinner hosted by Canadian entrepreneur Dan Martell last year. But the idea behind Scratchpad didn’t emerge until they reconnected this summer in the Ottawa Airport.

Scratchpad is collecting signups this week and will start giving people access to the site in the next couple of days.