ScreenScape applies Web 2.0 principles to digital signage market

Charlottetown’s ScreenScape Networks Inc. ended private beta testing today and opened up their screen display service to public beta. For the past six months access to the service had been invite-only however hundreds of businesses and organizations that have taken ScreenScape for a test drive.

ScreenScape is an Internet service and community that offers a smarter and simpler way to use dynamic screens in a public venue. The service has been described as Web 2.0 digital signage as it combines professional display authoring tools with the content sharing principles and techniques of social media.

“Our members often think of it as creating their own customized 24 hour news channel to serve them in a variety of capacities – as information network, as promotional tool, and entertainment service” says Hemphill. “New members sign up for its simplicity and the intrinsic benefits of using our service as a communication tool on location in their own venue. But they quickly discover they can also share their content through the ScreenScape network for other members to publish on their displays – and vice versa. And this makes for a whole range of exciting options for community, collaboration and commerce.”

With the public release of the service comes two new ways for members to try ScreenScape before joining.

  • Test Drive Option – Test Drive functionality gives visitors quick access to a temporary account and a chance to actually use the service before signing up.
  • Screen Display Showcase – The Screen Display Showcase allows visitors to see what a display created using ScreenScape actually looks like and allows them to choose between several different kinds of displays representative of different industry segments.