Sears Employee Fired Over Racist Remarks Captured in Video Posted Online

A Winnipeg employee at Sears has been terminated following the leak of a video that shows him making racial remarks to a customer.

During an argument, the employee can be heard asking the customer, “Let me guess, you just came off the boat?” at which point the customer demanded to a nearby manager that the employee be fired.

Initiallty, the employee was suspended. But after a video of the exchange was posted online and began circling social media channels, Sears terminated the employee.

“This is not the kind of behaviour that is demonstrated by Sears people across Canada,” stated Sears spokesman Vincent Power.

However, others point out the customer was possibly provoking the employee before the start of the video. He can be heard asking the Sears employee, “let me guess, you came from Domo? Esso?” suggesting the employee was a gas station jockey prior to working at Sears, which likely was what prompted the employee’s derogatory boat comment.


Warning: video contains NSFW language.