Seattle Saturday House Experiment

In this day of email, text messaging and twitter, there is a growing set of activities that bring people who met online together. The unconference scene with BarCamps and the IgniteSeattle events are large examples of bringing people together. In May 2007, a group of folks started getting together and visiting each other living rooms every Saturday to visit and chat and to work on projects. Eventually, things got big enough and moving around got to be enough trouble that they found and rented a space. They considered one of the emerging CoWorking sites in Seattle like Office Nomads, but decided to have a space of their own. And so, Saturday House was born.

Saturday House is in the SODO district of Seattle, in one of the re-converted buildings south of downtown. Each week, a group of people gather to visit, work on projects or otherwise hang out. A sibling group called SixHourStartup has started meeting at Saturday House on the second Saturday of each month. SixHourStartup tends to be more focused and more like a code sprint. Starting in November of 2007, there have been several projects trying to go from an idea to a prototype in an afternoon.

This last Saturday, I went to Saturday House to discuss some of the ground work for the next SixHourStartup project. When I was there, close to 20 people came by and visited. Some for a short time, while others worked hard on personal projects for several hours. The corner that I was in worked on how Drupal might be used for the next project. A good deal of planning was able to be done in a short amount of time. As we closed that discussion, the next discussion about Seattle DrupalCamp picked up. There are discussions and planning for a late June Drupal Camp underway. On the heels of that discussion, a group came in to talk about how a BarCamp for Seattle might be put together. A great deal of exciting activity for only a few hours in a reconverted building.

I’m looking forward to the next visit.