Second Screens Find Place in Creative Workflow as Mobile Becomes a Medium

This week Adobe unveiled research on the creative economy.

Drawing data points and findings from the public projects of nearly five million creatives on Behance, the new Adobe Digital Index research found that, with the continuous introduction of new technology and cutting-edge platforms that allow creatives to stretch their “canvas” and innovate on mobile devices, the second-screen experience has become more tightly integrated than ever before into the new creatives’ workflow.

18 to 22-year-olds are surging ahead on mobile, Adobe says—with a 36 percent increase in mobile logins in the last year, these new creatives are more than twice as likely to be engaged on mobile design work than the total population.

But not everything is about bleeding-edge tech. The Adobe Digital Index is pointing to a renaissance of the appearance of analog and raw elements in design work: Behance users are balancing the design themes and elements common for previous generations of creatives with the inspiration provided by the physical and tactile elements of design. These new creatives are surging ahead in drawing and typography, creating more portraits and sketches, and even using ink and pencil more frequently than older age groups.