See The Events You Want To See With Redrovr

Perhaps the organizers of Lilith Fair should have tested out the idea of a comeback tour on Redrovr before they wound up with a bunch of un-used tickets on their hands.

Redrovr was one notable startup from DemoCamp in Vancouver. The idea is kind of like a reverse-Facebook or eVite event invitation: People can request speakers, authors, and performers to come to their city. Then they vote on the events they think should happen.

Assuming the featured person for the event actually accepts the invitation, everybody wins: the voters get the event they want and the object of these fan’s attention has a metric for ticket sales and seating capacity before they even start planning the thing.

It sounds like it could work in theory, though personally I wonder at the credibility of the voting system: will everyone who votes for the event to happen actually show up or purchase an event ticket? I’ve been on the bad end of receiving a bunch of RSVPs on Facebook that never panned out. Then again, metrics from voting may actually encourage certain high-profile people that a visit to the Pacific Northwest or somewhere else is actually worth their time, leading to more events for Fun-couver.