See where the party’s really going down with Hot Owl

Edmonton’s Servall Data Systems has developed a new app that changes the way bar patrons and bar owners can interact with each other.

Hot Owl, available as a web or mobile app, allows bar goers to see which places around your city are happening, and which are kind of dead. By tapping into the bar’s ID scanning system, which Servall also produces, patrons can see what kind of party they’re heading to before they get there, the male/female ratio, and even get their name on the guest list via mobile device.

With Hot Owl, patrons can view the stats of all bars in the city, sort them by their stats, share those stats on Facebook and also set up and share event details on Facebook. Bar management can set up calendars and guest list openings to generate buzz for their establishment.

Even bars without Servall ID systems can take advantage of Hot Owl’s features with the “Lite” version. The Lite version is more like a social networking system for bar owners that sets up a guest list, promotional tools and even sends owners a text message whenever live stats are updated.

Hot Owl is just starting up, so right now only Alberta and Saskatchewan are being served by the app. But it’s not hard to imagine this thing taking off once places like Montreal and Vancouver start using it. Hot Owl is free for patrons, and can be downloaded for iPhone here. For more information about How Owl, check out their website here.

Looks like there’ll be no more sausage parties when Hot Owl’s around.