Seeing into the future of Social Computing.

The room was full and the coffee was hot this morning as CCAT kicked off its fall event line up with “the future of Social Computing”.

CCAT LogoAnd why was SAIT Polytechnic’s MacDonald Hall packed at 7:30AM on a cool October morning? To hear one of Calgary’s preeminent Serial Entrepreneurs, Derek Ball, talk about his vision for the future of course! Derek, whose entrepreneurial history spans back over 15 years and 8 different startups, is fully immersed in his latest venture: Tynt Inc.

Tynt LogoTynt is building software that empowers people to share the web as they see it. Their browser based app. leverages relationships with other social networks, online shopping, microblogging and Web 2.0 communities to improve user experience and drive monetization. Translation: you get to mark up other people’s websites using an arsenal of cool Tynt tools and only your friends can see it.


Derek wasn’t there to plug Tynt, he was there to talk about how he sees the future of Social Computing…and that was where things got interesting! Whether it was the relation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to the evolutionary steps we’ve seen with the internet, or the application of Dunbar’s number when examining how we interact online, the crowd was deeply engaged (especially considering the time of day!) and I was left thinking: Wow this guy really gets the underlying fundamentals of online communities!

So what is the future of Social Computing? That’s a tricky question…assuming we can keep the web safe and keep spreading the love through Facebook, Myspace, Nexopia and other communities, I would have to say the future will be full of sites with names like Creativebook, Myesteem, and Actualizopia. (can I get a Moral or Not?) Derek’s vision is much more refined, but based on his presentation I might not be too far out.

If his track record is any indication, they’ll all be marked up via Tynt as well!