Seek Your Own Proof Launches Community Program

Edmonton’s Seek Your Own proof is having quite the year. After signing an exclusive distribution deal with Discovery Kids this Spring, the company is poised to make a big splash in the online/offline learning space worldwide. The company’s Seek Your Own Proof property is an online and offline community where kids ages 9 and up are challenged to investigate history and science as agents of a fictional institution called the “Central Institute for Exploration”. 

Shortly after launching with Discovery Kids, the team has been busy developing a program to help children who are less fortunate gain free access as well.  Seek Your Own Proof developed a program called “No Agent Left Behind” to connect people who want to help with the kids who need it.

“We made the decision to initiate the program with the simple goal of trying to get as many free passes into the hands of kids who may not otherwise be able to afford them.” said Jason Suriano, Seek Your Own Proof’s President.

“Initially we were approached by individuals and companies looking to support what we had created in Seek Your Own Proof. Many of the supporters did not have a child in our age range but we proposed that they purchase individual or full season pass access passes to the site and we would in turn grant the purchases directly to our partner schools and organizations”

The program is set up so that any gifts will be matched one-to-one by the company in order to help get as many passes into kids hands as possible.

For more information on how to support, check the website or contact Jason.