Selling digital with digital dollars at nextMEDIA

On Day Two of the nextMEDIA conference, the talk was selling digital with digital dollars with companies such as ebay canada, CTV Inc., Canwest, AOL and Discovery Communications.  Jason Daily of Microsoft Advertising began by stating that the change in digital spend has been manifested in audience behaviour as well as within the varied vehicle reach we’re seeing employed.  Susan Byng of Canwest noted that collaboration between product integration in a multi-platformed context is the wave of now.  A brand needs to be aligned to an emotional connection in order to resonate, which Byng explained, further solidifies the importance of a multi-platform effect.  All the panelists agreed that digital media is operationally very, very complex, and that in essence no brand has gotten it right in the present times.  Jason Daily of Micorsoft Advertising also mentioned that in order to optimize digital operations, communication across teams and groups is key.  Because advertising is largely a retro-fit, the goal is to encourage custom work within multi-platform level channels. 

The question of whether the integrity of traditional content production has been compromised with the increasing importance placed on performance and results was raised. Panelists explained that we’re seeing more advertisers take a stronger stance in emphasizing content integration within online and offline vehicles.  We’re seeing an appetite to think bigger, so rather than wondering if this content has been compromised let’s think about how we utilize content to move consumers to areas where we can monetize behavior.