Selling to the U.S. Government: 4 Ways to Partner for Success

It’s no secret that the U.S. Government purchases a lot of stuff.  The challenge that many companies face is how to navigate the Government’s sales process and turn a profit without getting caught up in the red tape.  Companies outside of the U.S. face additional challenges as there are a variety of security hurdles that must be overcome in order to secure a deal.  One way to help speed up the process is to partner with someone who has already gone through the process and established channels into the various departments.

With this in mind, Calgary is playing host to 4 major US System Integrators who are interested in partnership opportunities with Alberta based companies.  The 4 companies are:

  • SRA International Inc. – Interested in:  Health IT, Security, Wireless, Industry Process Transformation, Project Management Technologies
  • Serco-North America – Interested in:  Human Capital Management, Enterprise Management, Transportation Management, Homeland Security, Force Protection

These 4 companies are visiting Calgary February 24th and hosting a breakfast seminar followed by one-on-one meeting opportunities for the remainder of the day.  (for full details & agenda check out the event page here on Techvibes)

To RSVP or to request an application for one of the individual meeting opportunities email