Sency uses social media to create in-depth, city-based trending topics

Sency is a creative website, which leverages Twitter and Foursquare, and geo-mapping to create trending topics for a host of cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, and its latest Canadian addition, Montréal. 

Sency divides itself into two top-10 lists: Popular Vancouver Places Now, and Popular Vancouver Places Lately. They’ll list the most-talked about places in town—for example, Vancouver brought up Pacific Centre, Metropolis at Metrotown, Playland, and Rogers Arena. You can click any of these places and a neat Google Map integration will appear. You can also “React” to the place, which is essentially commenting (it doesn’t seem to be a popular function of the site). Hot topics are updated every four hours in every city.

And if you want to see what people are saying about things not hot enough for the top 10, type in any word into Sency’s search feature and see what’s being tweeted about that topic.

Other cities on Sency include London, Dublin, and Seattle.