Senior Developer / Co-Founder – and Fieldtik are looking for a technical cofounder to help us build out and manage the programming aspects of our web applications. These web startups were cofounded by three serial entrepreneurs who have vast industry experience in the respective product market verticals however lack the technical knowledge to manage the source code in house now that the development for release 1.0 is complete. is an application that provides online bookings and camp management tools for the industrial accommodation industry. Think Expedia meets Oil and Gas. Fieldtik is a web application that allows oil and gas and forestry consultants / companies working in the ‘patch’ to leverage the existing cellular high speed networks for field authorizations in real time using web tablets, netbooks and e-signature pads. Both companies are profitable and have clients / contracts in place. Fieldtik is expected to launch in early December.

We are looking for a senior developer (lots of failures and success in your portfolio) that has significant experience working in various FOSS environments – specifically using LAMP, Ajax, Java, Flash, CSS/HTML as well is comfortable suggesting (convincing) alternatives to make the product / application better, faster, more scalable and more robust. We are looking for a leader and innovator that can work independently, efficiently and provide direction and clarity to all aspect of the technical development of these companies. The developer will need to maintain the code, make improvements, fix bugs,maintain backups, re-factor where necessary, etc… however as we build out the revenue stream, the senior developer will be required to manage the development team in all aspects of the business. The developer will need to become completely versed on our code and champion the management and safe keeping of it.

All of the founding members are currently consultants to the Energy, Oil and Gas, Forest or Heavy Construction industries in Alberta and currently spend 50% of their time working on other projects as we build out the these companies. The founders have self financed these apps completely and retain 100% of the equity. The founders see this newly created position as a cofounding position and as such will not require the person to take on this role full time (yet). This position is designed to be completed while balancing other work in your life. We are compensating this position with a significant vesting equity stake in both companies. You get to join two companies that are revenue positive, have a proven web application, cofounders with significant industrial market experience and zero debt. The role is for a professional person that can commit to making these applications successful in all aspects.

We are looking for a developer from the Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto or Barrie areas.

If you are interested in this position or want to find out more please contact Aaron @