Serial Entrepreneur joins Toronto-based BNOTIONS

jwJeremy Wright is on the move again. Well, actually, he’s already moved from Thornley Fallis and 76design to Toronto-based start-up BNOTIONS.  I recently caught up with Jeremy and had a chance to quickly grill him on his most recent move.  

Jeremy, you’ve recently joined the BNOTIONS team in Toronto.  Why did you make this move?

So I’m a startup guy. Before b5media, my last startup, I’d startup/run/sold a half dozen different ventures in a variety of spaces. It’s in my blood. After b5, I took 6 months off to reboot and was then lucky enough to spend 6 months with the team at Thornley Fallis and 76design,  and I have to be honest: agency life is great for an entrepreneur!

The ability to work on different projects, clients, technologies and to learn from PR/Marketing/Communications folk was just stellar, and the team at Thornley Fallis and 76design was perfect for someone like me.

But, I’m a startup guy. And I’d started to get that itch again, so when, very out of the blue, this opportunity came along I had to jump at it. The ability to just help a startup grow, one that’s profitable, growing quickly and has a super talented team? Yeah, that’s kind of as good as it gets!  

What does BNOTIONS do?

BNOTIONS, right now, looks like a development studio. We do stuff in pretty much any language/platform and the list of projects/tools/clients really is insane (as is the diversity). It’s one of the reasons I joined, because I have total confidence in the team’s ability to kick ass. In the future you’ll see lots more cool stuff from us, including lots of non-client work that will make us look less like an agency, but for now it looks very much like a development studio.  For us, we really thrive in two kinds of environments.

First, we love to build great products and applications from scratch (the more challenging, the better!) so we love working with startups (and, cause we’re all in this together, we cut our fellow startups a nice discount!). So we’ve been really honoured to work with incredible startups like Aidan Nulman’s YouPhonics and Daniel Patricio’s Pinpoint Social.

And second, we’re really great at stepping in last minute to just make things right, so we often work with agencies large and small to deliver products, projects and campaigns that their internal teams or existing suppliers don’t have the time or what not to do. 

What, in your mind, separates BNOTIONS from other agencies in Toronto and across Canada?

We work quickly, do great work, and deliver it at a lower cost than many other shops because every person at BNOTIONS (yes, including yours truly, even if they won’t let me near actual code) understands technology at a DNA level. As a result, our processes are nice and lean and we can just focus on doing great work instead of on huge processes designed to compensate for lack of knowledge by project managers, the client team, etc.

But yeah, we don’t really think of ourselves as an agency. We like to help fix issues, deliver projects for our partners and build cool shit. Oh, and have fun. Having fun is critical. Just ask our diaper-laden plastic horse Ham!

What is your role and responsibilities with BNOTIONS?

Well, my title is CEO, but titles don’t really matter at BNOTIONS. I, along with Alkarim (AK for short) Nasser (President/Founder/Owner/Dude Among Men), provide senior leadership which mostly means knowing what’s going on, working directly with clients so our devs can do what they love, making sure the business stays profitable and keeps growing and making sure everyone has fun. That I get to work with incredibly talented folk like AK,  Mark Reale, and Logan Aube is just fab!

Basically: grow the business without losing the culture that makes what we do so magical.