SES Toronto opens tomorrow with some interesting exhibitors

Search Engine Strategies Toronto that officially starts tomorrow and I am looking forward to visiting some of the exhibitors as well as the conference sessions (actually, there are two paid training sessions going on today titled “Google Adwords Tactics to improve your ROI” and “Building a Content Strategy to Maximize Your Search & Social Efforts”).

Exhibitors can provide valuable insight into the pulse of an industry or market segment and I am hoping that SES Toronto exhibitors will share their thoughts on emerging products and services as well as the issues and challenges in their industry. While SES Toronto has fewer vendors than its bigger brethren, there are still a few here that will be interesting to talk to including:

Microsoft Advertising, which will be there and I look forward to find out what their plans are for the rest of 2010 and beyond and how they plan to draw in more advertisers and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. I expect to hear a lot about display advertising as I note that they are putting on a session Entitled ‘Search & Display – Driving Customers Through the Purchase Funnel & Dispelling the Myths of Display”

Visibility Magazine, which will be showing at the event – they are a print media (yes, I said print) periodical launched by the great folks over at Visibility Magazine is published quarterly and according to the publishers “With Visibility, the print world is all set to benefit from the success formula of the Internet, and vice versa.”

gShiftLabs, which will be showcasing their CMS based ‘Web Presence Optimizer(tm) system. According to the company, gShiftLabs helps marketers ‘get control of their organic search efforts’ without downloading or installing any software. An interesting idea and possibly of great value to some marketers that are looking for a time saver. I am curious to see it their system provides any insight or strictly mechanical recommendations.

LinkWorth, which will also be there displaying their advertising services and publisher solutions including text link advertising, in-content pay-per-click, hosted content pages and paid blog reviews. I might add that they are hosting a get together tonight (wednesday) at the Hyatt.

Here’s to hoping that all the exhibitors will provide more than a sales pitch!