Set Goals – Your Business Depends On It

At the beginning of each year, it’s always great to reflect on the past as well as set the tone for the future.

We have all accomplished amazing things in 2015 and it’s important to take note of these. It’s also just as important to learn from our failures and highlight areas of opportunity as we move forward.

  • How are you going to work more efficiently?
  • What did you learn that you didn’t know a year ago?
  • How is that going to change the way you operate?
  • How have you grown as a leader, employee, friend and family member?

It has been a few years since BrainStation began, but I consistently return to our original branding documents that were created while in my sweltering un­airconditioned apartment in Toronto. Alike to many businesses, BrainStation was established by setting goals associated with alleviating a personal pain point. From the start, it has always been about providing quality education around all things “digital” (Business, Design and Development) for diverse backgrounds, mainly those without a computer science degree!

Here are a few of the goals that we set during our inception:

  • BrainStation has a global presence​ (yes, last year we expanded into the United States and Latin America)
  • BrainStation has a philanthropic arm​ (yes, last year we introduced a program for high school students in Toronto, Vancouver and Waterloo called BrainStation Academy)
  • BrainStation merges traditional art and digital creativity​ (yes, our Vancouver team hosts art shows monthly to feature local artists)
  • BrainStation helps to combat under and unemployment​ (yes, we are connecting the technology and startup ecosystem with those that are looking to be a part of it)
  • BrainStation removes barriers to self sustainability​ (yes, our students/graduates move on and freelance or create their own businesses)
  • BrainStation launches a consultancy​ (uhhh no, we were acquired by one though!)
  • BrainStation builds a coffee company​ (not exactly, but through our parent company the vision came to reality when K​onrad Group ​launched Quantum Coffee​ in our flagship campus in Toronto!)
  • BrainStation has an online education platform​ (not yet, excited for our growth into this market in 2016 though)
  • BrainStation has empowered 1 million people ​(not yet, we have set a hard date of accomplishing this by 2025 though!)

The most exciting part of this entire process is building a team that aligns with these goals and are even more driven than you are to check these off of the list. I would challenge every leader to spend some time setting goals with their team, regardless of the stage of your business. It is key to include everyone in this discovery phase because it helps to confirm that everyone is on the same page. Set goals for 1 year, 5 years and 10 years out to really spark some big thinking.

Always extend the workshop to include health and personal goals as this helps everyone to get to know each other outside of the business objectives. It is in your best interest to build a business that encompasses all components of your team’s life, this is what will keep amazing people knocking at your door and will help to get through the rough times together. By tackling 2016 with a defined set of goals that are known to others, you’ll be surprised by how many you accomplish now that there is a heightened sense of accountability.

Ready, set, goals!