DMZ Startup Set Scouter Launches, Secures Major Client in Hedley

Digital Media Zone startup Set Scouter caught its big break early when band Hedley became one of its very first clients.

According to DMZ, Set Scouter launched its online location-scouting marketplace while simultaneously securing a location for the Canadian pop-rockers’ newest music video.

So just what is Set Scouter? Eric Zaworski of DMZ explains:

Set Scouter is the first full-service website that connects filmmakers seeking excellent sets with location owners who are looking to rent out their space for film and movie productions. Producers search using various location criteria such as price, availability and amenities. They can also browse location photos and look at location owner profiles. Location owners then pick and choose who to accept or reject for production requests.

“I realized that the industry needed a more digital approach to browsing private listings and booking locations,” the startup’s founder, Alex Kolodkin’, told Zaworski, of how he got Set Scouter started. “I created Set Scouter to take the hassle out of location scouting by facilitating the process end-to-end.”

And how did his startup lock down Hedley? Production company The Field Inc. spent more than a week looking for a distinct swimming pool to use as a backdrop for Hedley’s newest music video before discovering Set Scouter’s online catalogue of set locations. Within 48 hours of contacting Set Scouter, they had their ideal location, DMZ says.

Photo: DMZ