Sex: On the Internet, it’s worth $13,000,000

Who says sex doesn’t sell? certainly does. Domain name “” recently sold for a staggering $13 million—the highest amount ever paid for a domain name.

domainsEscom was the prior owner, but went into bankruptcy. then went on auction this summer, and Caribbean-based Clover Holdings won it with that enormous bid.

The storied domain has had many owners and as been at the helm of tens of millions of dollars in sales, purchases, and even legal battles. is the second-biggest domain-only purchase all-time at $10 million, with in third at $9.5 million, and,, and rounding out the top six with $7.5, $5.5, and $5.1 respectively. Big purchase based around domain names but including other property include QuinStreet’s $18-million purchase of and for $16 million.