SFU Marketing Students host Marketers’ Night

SFU’s Student Marketing Association is hosting their annual netwotking event on November 7th at the SFU Segal Centre in downtown Vancouver. The theme this year is online marketing:

Marketers’ Night aims to be the premier forum to blend the brightest post secondary students throughout the Lower Mainland with current marketing professionals. The nineteenth annual Marketers’ Night is one of the largest student-run networking events of its kind and provides a rare opportunity for students and professionals to mingle and discuss the latest trends in marketing.

This year’s theme revolves around Online Marketing. As the world profusely ventures into the online world, endless streams of data can be collected, packaged and analyzed to help serve clients, customers and companies. From datamining to social networking sites to interactive interface, design and media production, the Internet has become a necessary medium of communication in branding the digital you.

Marketers’ Night is a business casual, catered networking event held on November 7th from 5:45-9:30pm. The evening will feature keynote speakers addressing the topic of online marketing, sharing their experience and knowledge on new methods of reaching consumers, on how a brand works in a virtual environment and on how the industry is seeing return on investments. Tickets are $20 and you can register online.