Share Your Pictures in Real Time with Burstn


Isn’t it frustrating to share many pictures from cool events and parties on your social media profiles? Joshua Davey and Dave Senior, solve that problem. They recently announced the launch of their new application – Burstn. Below, Dave answers questions about the new application and how you can start Burstn:

1) What is Burstn?

Burstn is a real-time photo sharing service for the web and mobile devices. Burstn is a social network of photos, people and place. We just launched and the iPhone application Friday.  You just download the app and starting snapping photos.  We send your photos at the time of capture, to our website so you can share them with friends on Burstn, Facebook, and Twitter easily.  You can connect your social media accounts on in your user settings.  As well, you can use it just to store your personal photos in real-time by turning sharing off.

2) Can you talk a little bit about the platform and capabilities?

Burstn is a not only a great way to share your pictures in real-time, but also a great social network.  You have the ability to Like your friends photos, follow other people on Burstn, share photos from your computer via the handy multi-uploader tool, a short url service and much more.  But the really great part about all that stuff is, you can access it via our rich set of APIs. So any developer or tinkerer out there can build all the functions of Burstn into their very own app.  We want to be the best real-time photo sharing platform around.

3) How is it integrated to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook?

Josh and I are very active users of social networks, and we see a lot of apps integrating Facebook and Twitter into their platforms.  What ends up happening is that the app makers spam their users’ timelines.  At Burstn, we took a different approach; when you link your Facebook or Twitter account, you can set how often you send photo updates to your timeline.  

4) What role has the Ryerson Digital Media Zone played in the development of Burstn?

The Ryerson DMZ has been great.  Josh and I have been working with the team there to really get our company ready and our service launched.  Being surrounded by other likeminded, intelligent people gave us a unique opportunity to bounce ideas around and have solutions emerge from discussions.  The support from SIFE Ryerson, StartmeUp Ryerson, and everyone at Ryerson overall has been great. Ryerson University and President Sheldon Levy are really committed to bringing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to Toronto. The Ryerson DMZ has been a real lightening rod for that activity. Everyone has been really helpful and the experience has been invaluable. We have so much to be thankful for.

5) How can people start Burstn?

You can head on over to, there is a link to the iTunes app store at the top right. Just sign up, grab the app and start snapping pictures.


I was fortunate to beta test the app before release and I have to say that I really liked how easy it was to set everything up and get started. Check out my Bursn stream at and start Burstn!