ShareEdmonton Launched

Uber-blogger and TechVibes contributer Mack Male has just released a new project on his blog that he has been working on called ShareEdmonton. Its a hyperlocal events page that focuses solely on Edmonton and is different from other calendar platforms such as Upcoming or Eventful which are global in scope. In Mack’s words, “I’ve taken the opposite approach of most online calendaring sites. Instead of starting at the global level and working down, I’ve started at the local level. This is a simple, but important distinction.” 

ShareEdmonton is very feature rich and social oriented in nature. Events & Places can be added by anyone, everything is available via RSS,  and all the information is sharable across all social media platforms. Google Maps and Twitter imports make each event page full of user data and information, as you can see on this page about a recent George Bush event in Edmonton.

Mack noted on his blog, “ShareEdmonton is all about aggregating the immense amounts of data available online and helping you find the bits that are important, relevant or interesting to you, through place, topic, or some other filter.”

I think that it is a great tool that fixes a basic problem of finding things to do in a city. Often this information is spread out across too many platforms, making it difficult to track down and get involved. Share Edmonton makes it easy to find, share, and add events which is a big plus for the city of Edmonton. I could see this model spreading to other cities and geographic locations in the future.