ShareMyLife launches Virtual LockBox

Last June at Ideas On Tap at the Commodore, Sanjay Maharaj of ShareMyLife Inc. took to the stage and shared his plans for Virtual LockBox.

Fast-forward six months and today was the official launch of the Virtual LockBox site – a service that allows users to send messages today that will be received in the future. Think of it as a virtual time capsule.

Virtual LockBox, a project of ShareMyLife Inc, started when we realized there was a need to better share and capture life’s precious memories with those we hold closest in our lives. Many of us at Virtual LockBox had lost someone vital to our lives. We wished we had said certain things, shared more and told our loved ones how important they were to us; but ran out of time. We also wondered what those special people would have said to us given the opportunity. What came out of this emotional need for more connection is Virtual LockBox – an online tool to keep those special people close to us, even after they’re gone.

Virtual LockBox is currently in beta with plans for a free version as well as a paid subcription model. Maharaj and his team are working on a iPhone App as well.

Bootstrapped to date, Vancouver-based ShareMyLife was co-founded by BuildDirect’s Jeff Booth.