Ontario Partners With Airbnb on New Pilot Project to Harness Potential of Sharing Economy

Recognizing the “economic potential” of the sharing economy, the province of Ontario is launching a pilot project in collaboration with Airbnb.

The pilot project will raise awareness about homeowners’ and consumers’ rights and responsibilities when offering or booking online accommodations, informing users about how to follow tax laws such as reporting rental income; consumer protection rights under contracts, such as cancellations or refunds; and accessibility requirements, such as allowing service animals on rental property.

“Studies show that the entire tourism industry is growing and opportunities are being created in communities across the province because of innovative companies like Airbnb. It is through strategic partnerships like this that we will deliver on our government’s number-one priority of growing the economy and creating jobs for Ontarians,” said Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance.

Airbnb will educate its hosts through an email notification during tax season to remind them of their tax obligations.

“With this pilot, the province has reaffirmed their commitment to harnessing the power of new economic opportunities created by the sharing economy,” said Aaron Zifkin, Country Manager for Airbnb.

Ontario is the first province in Canada to partner with Airbnb to ensure consumers and hosts know their legal rights and responsibilities.

“Our government is committed to ensuring that consumers understand their rights and take all the appropriate precautions before making online arrangements. We believe this partnership with Airbnb will go a long way to raise awareness for both consumers and potential hosts of their rights and responsibilities,” said David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services.