Shaw Family Boosts Holdings, Buys Back More Slumping Shares of Shaw Communications

Chairman J.R. Shaw has acquired 50,000 more shares in Shaw Communications.

The purchase is one of many in recent times for the Shaw family, who have purchased 300,000 common shares of the slumping stock in the past month.

Shaw shares have slipped from a 52-week high of more than $22 to a low of less than $19.

J.R. paid an average of $19.15 for his most recent block of shares.

It’s suggested by some market insiders that one of Shaw’s major institutional clients is reducing or eliminating its position with the company, which could explain both the slumping stock price and the excessive trading volume over the past couple of months. Wealth manager Jarislowski Fraser owns 6% of Shaw, RBC Global Asset Management owns 4.5%, and RBC owns 4%. While the Shaw family’s total economic position in the company is just 12%, it owns 79% of voting stock.