Reaching Further and Digging Deeper: A Modest Shift in Our Editorial Approach for 2015

Since 2007 Techvibes has been covering Canadian technology daily. With an archive of well over 23,000 articles, we remain this nation’s premier source for all things tech in Canada.

But what, today, is technology? Certainly it is not what tech was 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, or even 10 years ago.

Back then, technology was a thing, separate from other things. But now look at hardware and software and the internet: we dare you to locate the seams.

Technology is no longer a thing, but everything. It is now a presence, and it is present everywhere.

It could be argued that all this time, Techvibes has been a niche publication. Yet if we want to fully cover both Canadian tech and the impact of tech on Canadians, remaining a niche becomes impossible.

We must now, to capture all that technology improves and disrupts, extend our reach to intersections: the intersections of technology and culture, technology and art, technology and science—the areas where technology isn’t the whole but a part, and where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s no longer about technology disrupting industries. It’s about technology disrupting companies disrupting industries.

In 2015, Techvibes intends to embrace this idea wholly. Here are two of the changes we have made to faciliate this evolution:

1. All content is now clearly marked either “news,” “opinion,” or “sponsored.” Blogs have often run news an op-eds in the same stream without differentiation, but as a news site, we want our readers to know exactly what type of content they are consuming.

2. Articles are now distilled to one of three core categories: Technology, Business, or Culture. Your favourite startups will appear in Technology; funding rounds and venture capital stats will show themselves in Business; and trendpieces and the thoughts of prominent entrepreneurs will appear in Culture. These are just a few examples, of course, to illustrate our three new areas of focus—but you’re sure to find a wide range of content under each new banner.

This is just a start. There is more to come as we transition into the next phase of our existence: a technology news site that reaches further, digs deeper, and offers readers more value than ever before.

Thanks for reading.