Tickit Looking to Transform the Waiting Room

A technology startup in the healthcare space today has the potential to tap into a $10 trillion market that is still growing steadily at 10% per annum. That kind of number should send a pang of excitement down any entrepreneur’s spine.

Entrepreneurs should not dismiss the healthcare sector when brainstorming the next big idea. It’s a space that is ripe for disruption and technology is what will fuel that innovation.

According to Dion Madsen, Senior Managing Partner at the BDC Healthcare Venture Fund, we’re now seeing a complete transformation in how healthcare is being delivered—not just in Canada but worldwide, which has spurred the creation of lucrative new ventures.

Toronto’s Tickit is one of those ventures. TickiT is a mobile based questionnaire platform that is transforming the way we think about collecting data in the waiting room. ­

The Tickit platform is currently being used to comfortably educate and prepare patients for the visit while collecting relevant data for physicians so the face to face time can be focused on creating sustainable and effective health outcomes.

Tickit really serves two purposes. Its tablet-based surveys which are graphic and user-friendly, providing a private, non-judgmental interface for screening patients with a wide variety of questions before seeing their doctor.

It also organizes patient inputted data as clear reports for physicians to review before meeting the patient. Doctors are alerted of important details with flags, allowing them to quickly get a good understanding of what issues the patient might be facing.

This gives the physician immediate rapport with the patient and the ability to provide better care than previously possible. In addition, reports are easily exported for Electronic Medical Record systems.