Shopify Launches Complete Point-of-Sale System

Ottawa’s Shopify, a world-renowned ecommerce platform used to create and run online stores, today released Shopify POS, an iPad POS stand designed to allow anyone to sell goods in-store in addition to online.

Shopify POS marks a new frontier for Shopify as they branch out from helping people create ecommerce stores, to helping people run and grow businesses across all levels of commerce.


“Shopify is well known as the world’s best platform used to create and manage an online store,” said Adam McNamara, Shopify’s vice president of product. “But the future of retail isn’t online versus in-store, it’s a seamless combination of both. Shopify has transitioned from simply powering online sales to powering all commerce: online, offline, mobile, and everything in between.”

It’s been quite a summer for Shopify: earlier this month they announced that they were the first ecommerce platform to integrate a payment solution with an online store.

Before Shopify POS, merchants who wanted to run an online store as well as a brick-and-mortar retail store had to keep track of two sets of inventories, two product catalogs, and two payment systems. Shopify POS uses the same easy-to-use online store management system as its ecommerce platform, allowing merchants to easily manage all aspects of their business from one place.

Merchants can add a product or update inventory on one side of the system, and it is instantly updated across the board—creating an organized, seamless integration between selling online and selling in-store, according to the Canadian company.

Besides offering “unprecedented” synchronization between online and in-store retail, Shopify says that the system is easy to use, and offers a number of unique features and benefits, including:

  • Mobile credit card processing: The Shopify card reader lets merchants take their store on the road. With a card reader plugged into an iPad, orders can be taken and payment accepted from anywhere.
  • One payment solution: Shopify’s groundbreaking payment system lets merchants instantly process credit cards both online and in-store. Shopify charges low credit card rates, offers no fees for processing American Express or international credit cards, and no fees for included PCI Compliance protections.
  • Complete hardware kit: The Shopify Hardware Kit includes a top-of-the-line receipt printer, cash drawer and credit card reader.
  • Analytics and reporting: Merchants can clearly track information on sales, customers, visitors, and more from both sides of their business using their Shopify dashboard.
  • Email receipts: Shopify POS lets store-owners choose between printing an order receipt, or instantly sending a beautiful, customized version to customers through email.

“The future of retail is all about consumer choice,” added McNamara. “Consumers want to buy what they want, where, when and how they want it. They might want to buy in-store and have it shipped to them. They might want to buy online and pick it up in store. Retailers need to be ready to tailor their retail experience around the unique needs and wishes of consumers. That’s the future of retail, and that’s what Shopify is providing for merchants.”