Toronto’s ShopLocket Integrates with WordPress to Enable In-blog E-commerce

Toronto’s ShopLocket is integrating with blogging giant WordPress to launch a plugin that enables in-blog e-commerce.

The Canadian company’s WordPress plugin will allow users of the blogging platform to make goods available for sale on their sites easier than ever before. Previously, WordPress users required third-party plugins and self-hosted accounts to create online stores.

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Buyers will also benefit from this partnership. Shoppers who want to purchase items from sites using ShopLocket’s plugin will no longer be directed to a separate website in order to check out.

Marketing itself as “the easiest way to sell professionally online,” ShopLocket provides online sellers with a lightweight ecommerce tool that can be easily added to any website, blog, or Facebook page. While their early clients tended to sell low-cost products at low volumes, they are now working to attract clients whom they dub as “professional sellers.” These are people whose products sell at a higher price point and at higher volumes.

This works particularly well for users who already have demand for their product and a web presence but don’t have the infrastructure to facilitate a sale on their own website or require a storefront presence. The WordPress integration makes this strategy much more viable for ShopLocket.

The plugin is free to install, but site owners will have to pay a fee per transaction: 2.5% plus credit card processing fees.