Shopping for an iPhone 3.0 app? See what Small Society has cooked up with Whole Foods Recipes

Today, there are tons of people waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Standing in line to get the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 3G S. But anyone with an iPhone can grab the new operating system, iPhone OS 3.0. And once you’ve done that, you can snag some cool new apps.

Looking for one to try? Shop local by trying the Whole Foods Recipes app, the latest project released by Portland-based Small Society.

The Whole Foods Recipes app is designed to help folks make healthier choices about the food they’re choosing.

Looking for healthy and delicious food? Search Whole Foods Market Recipes for recipes featuring the finest natural and organic foods. You can search recipes by ingredients and dietary preferences like gluten-free, low fat, and vegetarian/vegan. Every Whole Foods Market recipe includes nutritional information and cooking instructions.

But what makes it really newsworthy is the technology behind the scenes. Especially how Small Society takes advantage of the new iPhone OS 3.0 features—enabling the user to access iPhone functions without interrupting the user experience.

And it’s this kind of immersed, suspension of disbelief, that is going to set these iPhone 3.0 apps apart.

Whole Foods app mapExample? Okay. Well, the app allows the user to check maps from within the application by leveraging Apple MapKit. Which even gave them the option of using cute little branded Whole Foods push pins to indicate locations.

Another example? How about this? They take advantage of the in-app email support. With that, the user can copy and paste recipes into email and send them to a friend, all from within the Whole Foods interface. for sending a recipe to a friend without leaving the app.

The uninterrupted experience—no more jumping from app to app to app to complete simple tasks—is exactly the kind of thing that will draw traditional retail brands to the platform, says Raven Zachary of Small Society.

“With these new features, I think you’re going to see the retail market flock to the iPhone,” he said.

Oh. And one more thing. In my opinion, part of what makes the Whole Foods app so cool has absolutely nothing to do with functionality. It has to do with aesthetic. The Whole Foods apps is just pretty. And for such an aesthetically pleasing hardware platform, a visually pleasing app goes a long way.

The Whole Foods application is currently available from the iTunes store. If you’ve got iPhone OS 3.0 installed on your phone, you can download the Whole Foods app for free.

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