Shuffle Lets You Create Mutiple Disposable Phone Numbers, Emails to Protect Privacy

Shuffle is a smart communications app that lets users create multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases to protect their privacy.

Each Shuffle number comes with voice calls, SMS/picture messaging, and a unique voice mailbox.

“With a simple tap you can now ‘shuffle’ between your numbers and keep communication separated for your personal, business and social needs,” the Vancouver-based startups explains.

Use Shuffle like a regular phone to connect with other mobile users and fixed lines, or with other Shuffle users. Calls, messages and voicemails are grouped by Shuffle number to keep your communications separated and organized. You can even pick a unique color and icon to represent each Shuffle contact point to better differentiate between them.

Your Shuffle number is reserved for a month and will either auto-renew or expire depending on you preference settings. There is a searchable message history to pick up a previous conversation.

The app is available on iOS now and will come to Android soon.