Sigh, what’s new: a Facebook status update screws over yet another hapless user – booted from jury by judge

A U.S. woman was removed from a jury for commenting about the ongoing case on Facebook. Moreover, she was ordered to write a five-page essay about the constitutional right to a fair trial.

A judge ordered the essay this week for Hadley Jons. The demand comes three weeks after she wrote on Facebook that it was “gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re GUILTY.” The trial wasn’t yet over.

“I’m sorry, very sorry,” apologized the 20-year-old Hadley.

For violating her oath, she must submit an essay about the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and pay a $250 fine by October 1.

From not getting hired to getting fired, and now to getting booted off jury, when will chaps learn: keep it to yourself, like they did last century!