Sightseeing with Google’s City Tours

Yesterday Google released an updated version of its Google Labs service called City Tours – the search giant’s first foray into the travel space.

Why should trip planning be any more complicated than opening your browser and entering the name of your favourite city? Six months ago we launched City Tours on Google Labs with the goal of making vacation planning as easy as searching the web. After all, Google knows the top sights in many cities around the world and we’ve been providing directions on Google Maps for years, so Google Labs seemed to be the perfect way to test out a combination of these two capabilities, with our computing power thrown in to sift through the thousands of possibilities.

While the service isn’t flashy, it’s really quite useless for visitors new to a city. City Tours generates an optimized travel itinerary featuring a number of landmarks within walking distance.

The updated version of City Tours takes advantage of the Walking Directions built into Google Maps.