What is Silicon Valley and How Can Canadians Best Navigate It?

There are just over 35 million people in Canada. Down in Silicon Valley, there are another 350,000.

That’s right—an amount equal to one percent of our entire country’s population is living and working in a single dot on the map in America.

Last week the C100 announced a new monthly program for Canadian founders visiting Silicon Valley for the first time and/or looking for connections with the C100’s network.

Valley 101 is an opportunity to learn the basics about how Silicon Valley operates and where your organization could fit in. It will also allow the C100 and their partners to gain a better understanding about your business and connect with you.

Valley 101 will take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month (with the exception of June, November, and December) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The program will feature an introduction to the C100 and their network, as well as featured speakers and cocktails with other local Canadians in the tech industry. There is no cost to attend Valley 101.