Simple Way to Support the Crisis in Pakistan

Right now, there are more than six million people left homeless and more than 20 million suffering from the flooding in Pakistan. Water levels are still rising in southern Sindh and hundreds of thousands of people have fled cities, towns and villages for safety.

The purpose of Give To Pakistan is to create awareness and encourage donation to help the poor in Pakistan. As a 3rd year Ryerson University student and Toronto-raised Pakistani, I felt I had to do something to help the people of Pakistan.

Generous Torontonians Make It Easier to Help Pakistan

Friends and colleagues in Toronto have been very generous in donating goods and services for auction to support Pakistan; from $50 gift certificate donated by Zoran Kocovski, Owner of Sassafraz to $900 3-day ticket to the highly anticipated unGEEKED e’lite conference in Toronto.

Emergency Life Boxes


Additionally, to help send aid as quickly as possible, is partnering up with a registered Canadian charity, North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) to deliver Life Boxes.

For $30, life boxes can support the basic needs of a family of 6 people for a month. Life boxes include: 30kg of flour, 5kg of rice, 5kg of lentils, 5kg of sugar, 4L of oil, a package of milk powder, detergent, two bars of soap, basic spices like salt and pepper, and toothpaste. We simply can’t afford all this in Toronto for the cost of $30.

So NAMF set up field offices in major zones in Pakistan equipped to efficiently allocate donations to purchase materials, sort the materials, pack them in boxes and send them out quickly to the people in need.

The Ambitious Goal

The goal of is to raise enough money for 200 emergency life boxes for Pakistan ($6000). Please visit for more information and how to donate. Please join the fan page here.

Disclaimer: This is an initiative independent to I appreciate the support from Rob Lewis and the rest of the Techvibes crew!