Simplenote Update for iPhone Includes New Premium Features

The default notes application for the iphone is great at what it does, but not syncing with the cloud is becoming more and more often a deal-breaking decision for me when installing new applications. Of all the possible notes applications available for the iPhone one of my favourites of late has been a little application called Simplenote.

The goal of Simplenote is just that, to be the best solution for note taking on the iPhone. It accomplishes this by filling gaps that the default iPhone Notes application falls short on: Cloud syncing, note search, and screen rotation support. Over the air syncing is done through the use of a free account available through On top of having your notes available online through the web app, the API makes your notes available to other applications such as JustNotes, a Simplenote client for OS X.

Built by Vancouver based Cloud Factory in late 2008, Simplenote’s popularity grew over the summer of 2009 after receiving a glowing review by John Gruber on his blog Daring Fireball. This review was not made out of the blue though, as a small development shop with only a few applications and users, the developers at Simplenote saw a post Gruber had made complaining about what was lacking in iPhone note applications, and invited him to try Simplenote. The developers took care of the feedback they received from their user community while developing updates to Simplenote.

Just today, the latest version of Simplenote was released for the iphone. The new version includes screen locking, and the addition of new premium features available on a subscription model at $10/year. Simplenote already includes many features that will make most users much happier compared to using the default Notes app, but for users who want just a bit more out of their note taking application without relying on something more heavy like Evernote, Simplenote’s premium features will fill that need. You can use Simplenote just through the web app if you don’t own an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Simplenote premium features include: Automatic backups, note merging, new note by email functionality, and RSS feed of your notes, unlimited API requests, premium support, and early release access.