Vancouver’s SimpleTax Lets Canadians Do Their Taxes Online for Free, No Strings Attached

SimpleTax started with a simple question: why?

“Every year, come tax season, we found ourselves asking why. Why is preparing my return so complicated? Why is it so slow? Why is it so expensive? Why does this software look like it was built a decade ago?” says Jonathan Suter, formerly the VP of Product Management at Syncapse. 

He believes that question is why more than eight million tax returns are still done on paper, and also why over half of Canadians turn to an accountant each year for simple returns.

“The tax preparation industry is broken and we’re determined to fix it,” the SimpleTax cofounder affirms.

SimpleTax emphasizes good design, meaning it aims to not just look good but also function intuitively. The software crunches all data in real-time on one page. More important, at least to most Canadians, it’s free. And if you’re concerned that means SimpleTax is hoping to monetize all the juicy data you give them, fret not: the startup vows to keep all of your personal information completely safe and secure. Any money it makes will come from your optional donation.

The Vancouver-based startup was founded, in addition to Jonathan, by Allison Suter, a former tax lawyer, and Justin Reynen, a developer.